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When you send us your electronic data we have the software to convert many different file types. We have the capability to print oversized documents (black/white and color). We can organize your documents by inserting tabs and slip sheets at specified document breaks to better organize your hard copies.

Electronic Data Discovery

Our electronic discovery team has experience with many media devices to handle large and complex projects. No matter the scale of the project large or small, we have the knowledge to collect, process, and host your data. With this knowledge we can produce your data in the most cost effective way to save your clients’ money.


We provide the highest level of scanning to our customers using the top of the line equipment to ensure efficiency and quality control. 


As the market has changed to electronic data discovery (EDD), we understand that many of our clients occasionally use the traditional hardcopies for their production review. We offer this service with experienced employees who have been in the business for many years. This ensures that our clients will get the highest level of quality control when producing paper copies.


We now offer shredding options to our clients so that even the most confidential of documents can be securely disposed of. 

Coding/ Indexing

We capture case relevant information such as author, date authored, date sent, recipient, date opened, etc.

X-Ray Digitization/Duplication

We now Scan Radiology films and convert to CD complete with built-in viewer and toolbar. We provide options to copy film to film or print from CD on to film.


We provide the following types of binding: GBC, Coil, Velo, and 3 Ring Binder (all sizes).

Electronic Bates Labeling

When scanning your documents or importing your data, we can apply electronic bates numbers to your images. Electronic bates labeling is the way to go when identifying your documents, especially when cross referencing documents with opposing counsel or co-counsel. 

Audio/Video CD Duplication and Conversion

We have invested in a complete audio and video system to duplicate CDs and DVDs and convert audio and VHS cassette tapes to CD or DVD.

Trial Board Presentations

Our team offers to print large documents and mount them to a regular board or gator board (color and black/white); laminated if needed to help legal teams with Exhibits for trial.


Executive Imaging Group, LLC (EIG) is an Atlanta, Georgia, based company that specializes in serving the legal community with their large and complex documents productions. Our services expand to hospitals, government agencies, and colleges. EIG has partnered with some of the largest data forensic collections companies in the world to ensure that our clients are getting the best price available when it comes to Electronic Data Discovery (EDD).

The founder of EIG, Tyrone Robbins, has worked for several law firms in New York and Georgia. He also has been serving the legal community for over sixteen years. Based on his experience he clearly understands how important it is to give good service and deliver the best possible product. With this in mind you should know that we strive to deliver every project correct and on time. We strongly believe your experience with Executive Imaging Group will be stress free so you can continue on with your day to day business affairs knowing that your document production projects are in good hands.


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